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Hit, Run, And Score BIG With VolcanoVision!








Watch LIVE in HD, the SF Giants, Oakland A's, and many other MLB teams. Look for them on these networks...

FOX | FOX Sports | ESPN | MLB | CW31 | NBC Sports Bay Area | NBC Sports California | TBS

Stay tuned to your teams and their schedules by clicking here. Not currently receiving these networks with your TV subscription? Call us today to upgrade your TV package and we'll have you watching your favorite team tonight! Call 209-296-7502 or 888-886-5226.



Local Students Awarded With Scholarships

Hats Off to the 2018 Graduating Class of Argonaut High School


Each year around this time many graduating students have already planned and prepared for their future goals. Volcano Communications Group is honored to have awarded two of these hard-working students each with a scholarship in the amount of $500.00 from the Volcano Communications Group's James W. Welch Memorial Scholarship fund.

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VolcanoVision On-Demand Changes

To Our VolcanoVision Customers...

We recently transitioned our systems to provide you with a superior On-Demand programming experience. Due to the advanced technology and enhanced capabilities offered by online viewing today, as of March 31st, 2018, VolcanoVision decommissioned its current on-demand platform (VolcanoVision Channel 1).

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Coming To Terms - What Does.........Mean?

An Internet Glossary At Your Fingertips



We hear these words more frequently these days but do we really know their meaning? As a subscriber of WebsiteCompass, the world's #1 Internet magazine, we've provided a link to a section of their quarterly magazine that contains an extensive glossary of words used in the Internet world of things. Click here to explore and learn more.


Play It Safe...Call First

Can You Dig It?


Whether you pick up that shovel, fire up your backhoe or other earth digger, 811 is the phone number you call before digging to protect yourself and others from hazards that can occur by unintentionally hitting underground utility lines. Click here for more details. 


Get The Scoop From Our Internet Group

We were asked...

"Do you have any suggestions on how to get my internet browser to work more efficiently?"

And here is our answer...

Yes, there are some simple things which may improve your browsing experience. The specific steps will vary depending on which browser you use - do a Google search on your browser and version. Try some of these basics:

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Managing News Feed On Facebook

Take Charge Of Your News Feed


Are you a Facebook user? Tired of getting your news feed filled up with mega amounts of unwanted information? You can control the flow of unwanted and wanted information with simple settings within your Facebook page. Click here to find out how to rule out many of those unwanted notifications and enjoy a better Facebook experience.

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